Style Services


closet cleanse

$150- We will have a mini consultation over your current style and style needs. We will then go through each item in your closet and take the time to decide whether to keep, toss, or get altered. After the cleanse is complete I will give you ideas on how to better keep your closet organized and give you outfit options with what currently exists in your closet.

*please note the price is up to 3 hours. Anything over that is an hourly rate of $65/hr.


Shop Your Style

$350- We will have consultation to determine your overall style and style needs. As well as what clothing suits your body type best. We will also discuss your budget so that I can make sure to stay within a comfortable range. I will create a style board for you to review to make sure we are on the same page for your style. I pre-shop for you, taking care of the dirty work of shopping and sorting through clothing. We will then shop together at select stores where you will try on and buy the clothing that not only meets your needs but makes you feel like the star that you are.  As we shop I will help you style your new pieces so you can incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.


wardrobe renewal

coming soon